Benjamin St. Barthelemy is a collaborative, visionary Technology Executive and Entrepreneur who has partnered with companies and tech start-ups for over 30 years to develop high-performance software, implement profitable growth strategies, and build cross-functional teams of world-class engineers and business people. With an excellent track record of improving the efficiency of processes and quality of performance, Benjamin has accumulated a wealth of knowledge from his long tenure leading companies as CEO in the fields of web and mobile applications, artificial intelligence, social networks, and telecommunication platforms, as well as overseeing financial management and infrastructure development.

Benjamin’s variety of experience in the management of both people and effective operations instilled in him a great deal of patience, persistence, and attention to detail. As someone who carries a propensity for technology and leadership, he has consistently been ahead of the market, ideating a secure and innovative social media platform as Chairman and Founder of Netsooon Group, protecting our society and children from violence, harassment, cyberbullying, racism, homophobia, and fake news. He also serves as Chairman and Founder of Barthelemy Tech Group, a start-up focused on machine learning, application development, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and the overall future of e-commerce. In all his activities, he has continuously worked with high-ranking decision-makers, earning enough trust to be on the advisory council of several governments and institutions, including that of Burj Asia Capital Group, a private equity fund management group that has funded infrastructure projects in China, Middle-East, Turkey, Africa, and the skyline of Dubai. He is motivated by challenge, creativity, and team development, only involving himself in projects that are helpful for society, humanity, and the world.

Outside of work, Benjamin enjoys kickboxing, having competed at European-level competitions, as well as acting on behalf of children in need with his paediatric sister. He was born in France and graduated with a degree in International Finance from École Supérieure de Commerce, after which he continued his education at Oxford, studying Finance Analysis, Business Management, and AI. He then moved to Asia, where he lived for 25 years. Benjamin is a results-driven leader who takes ownership of his projects with a robust work ethic and the strategic foresight to establish, maintain, and achieve growth in any situation.